I'm Claudio.

Front-end developer

H i , I ' m

C l a u d i o D e B e r n a r d i.

Front-end developer.

About me

I am looking for a new professional opportunity as a Front-end Developer.

In October I will take the final exam to become a web designer.

Since February 2020, I have participated in an internship with a team of Developers and Designers based in Milan (Display), who have taught me latest technologies. After a month, I continued to further develop my skills from home. Guided by my mentor, I happily successfully completed my first project.

Before entering the world of web development, I spent many years within the international hospitaly industry as a waiter ( France, Australia, Ireland, Germany ). This fast paced, demanding environment taught me a lot about how to prioritise, be flexible and adaptable, and continually improved my organisation, comunication and management skills.

These years have been a process of personal growth that have made me a very determined person, open to listening and to work in a team.

Web Development Skills


  • Css Framework Bootstrap4
  • JavaScript(ES6)
  • Animations with GSAP3
  • Use of Webpack
  • Static site generator Middleman
  • Deploy process on now.sh, surge.sh and heroku

My Tools

  • Version control system (Git, Bitbucket)
  • Editors (Sublime/Brackets/Atom)

Soft Skill

  • Excellent communication skill in Italian, French and English
  • Ability to complete task on time and with quality
  • Quickly learns new skills as per project requirements